NIGHTLINE recently sat down with the amazingness that is Dolly Parton to discuss her life, her evolution as an artist, her $500 million empire, as well as her new memoir Dream More: Celebrate The Dreamer In You.

The interview is filled with insights that are both hilarious and touching — some of which most Dolly fans may have already known — and give us a glimpse at the country superstar who has become much more than just an entertainer.  As a kid growing up in The Ottawa Valley Dolly Parton’s music was ever-present in my life, and she became very much of a fairy god mother figure for me.  This is a woman, after all, who was — and will forever be — deliciously unapologetic about her outrageous style and her love of great men and great sex.  Dolly makes no apologies for her plastic surgery, and champions it as a huge source of personal satisfaction for her (I totally agree with you on this Dolly), and speaks openly about being true to herself her entire life.  It was this self confidence combined with her rejection of the advice of others who told her to tone it down or do things differently that allowed her to realize her dreams.  I would also add it’s this very same quality that endears her to millions of us around the world.

To pick up your own copy of Dolly Parton’s Dream More: Celebrate The Dreamer In You simply head over to Amazon.  You can check out Dolly’s appearance on NIGHTLINE in the video below, and for all FEELguide stories related to Dolly Parton CLICK HERE.

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