In a recent 14-minute lecture philosopher Alain de Botton summizes his brand new book which he wrote for THE SCHOOL OF LIFE‘s Toolkit For Life series published by Pan Macmillan.  What’s most interesting about de Botton’s argument in How To Think More About Sex is that even though we feel like we live in a sex-obsessed world, we perhaps don’t think about sex enough.  In a clever bite-sized format, de Botton ties together such disparate items as Natalie Portman, slapping, symmetry, garbage, and Édouard Manet’s 1880 impressionist painting Bunch Of Asparagus.  It’s a charming little clip and raises a few things that about sex that most of us knew already, but also a few interesting connections that you might never have thought about before.  To see the full selection of How-To lectures from THE SCHOOL OF LIFE be sure to visit their Vimeo page as well as  And for more gems like this I highly recommend you check out more of Alain’s brilliance at, and follow Alain de Botton on Facebook.

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