Remember that scene in The Secret where they talk about the importance of making a “vision board”?  Well, this is one of those examples of what I like to call the Celine Dion Effect.  When The Secret came out everyone and their best friend were making fun of it, but in private they believed every single word about the Law Of Attraction.  In his best-selling new book The Power Of Habit, New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg writes in his chapter entitled “How Target Knows What You Want Before You Do” about The Celine Dion Effect:

“Then there were songs that listeners said they actively disliked, but were sticky nonetheless.  Take Christina Aguilera or Celine Dion.  In survey after survey, male listeners said they hated Celine Dion and couldn’t stand her songs.  But whenever a Dion tune came on the radio, men stayed tuned in.  Within the Los Angeles market, stations that regularly played Dion at the end of each hour — when the number of listeners was measured — could reliably boost their audience by as much as 3%, a huge figure in the radio world.  Male listeners may have thought they disliked Dion, but when her songs played, [millions of men around the world] stayed glued.”

So the point is this: as millions of tough guys laughed off The Secret and its wisdom about the Law Of Attraction when they were around their football buddies, they were secretly putting together their vision boards of photos of what they wanted to have someday — cars, planes, superstardom, etc.  I was never one of those people to laugh about The Secret though — I always defended it amongst my friends because I’m a diehard believer in the Law Of Attraction and vision boards.  But my vision board comes in the form of the “Architecture” category here on FEELguide.

Each time I write about a new Dream Home I find myself consciously sticking the pictures on my virtual FEELguide vision board.  And my latest addition is the Matta House in Sonoma County in the gorgeousness that is northern California.  Designed for a young San Francisco couple with 2 little kids, the weekend retreat is the genius design of architects Leslie and Julie Dowling, the identical twins and protégées of renowned architect Michael Graves.  The home is actually two individual 1,000-square-foot wings that are linked together, and the breathtaking property is surrounded by grassy meadows, rolling vineyard hills, and groves of majestic Redwood trees.

And someday when I attract my own glass pavilion home into my life, I will honor the Law Of Attraction and the Celine Dion Effect by cranking “My Heart Will Go On” full blast on my glass pavilion home’s state-of-the-art built-in stereo as I sip on a glass of Sonoma red and look out towards the mighty Redwoods and Pacific Ocean beyond.  After all, there’s no need to keep my love of the Law Of Attraction — or Celine — a Secret.  You can learn more about the Matta House by visiting, and to learn more about the architects be sure to visit

Source: Dwell

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