For some reason all the hottest new musicians and producers absolutely love hiding in the shadows these days.  I’m not sure where this explosive new trend of bands clinging to their precious anonymity came from, but it’s everywhere.  Last week, for instance, I sent Agent Scully and her team to Rome to track down the identity of the Italian electronic group CAPRI PSICHICA, and after questioning screen legend Sophia Loren I think we might be on to a strong lead (you can read more about that by CLICKING HERE).  Now the team at Disco Naivete has pointed out the newest addition to the growing list of anonymous bands: BAYOU.  Judging from their video for their brand new single “Cherry Cola” I’m going to take a wild guess that BAYOU is Korean?  But that’s just because of the 2 people starring in the video, because if you were guessing strictly from the stylings of “Cherry Cola” in all its silky gorgeousness I would be tempted to peg them as cutting-edge Brits.  But all that really matters is that BAYOU is beautiful and will hopefully be around for a very long time.  Nonetheless, I’m sending Agent Mulder and his team to London and Seoul to track down the true identity of BAYOU.  I’ll keep you posted.  For all things BAYOU be sure to check out their Tumblr page.

Source: Disco Naivete

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