Yesterday my friend Vaughn sent me this gem of a short film entitled The Lady Is Dead and I’m quite certain it is the source of a strange cluster of dreams that I had during my sleep last night.  Directed by Roy Raz and soundtracked with THE IRREPRESSIBLES‘ track “In This Shirt” the video defies narrative explanation, choosing instead to string together a series of beautifully photographed vignettes of twinks covered in black goo, a creepishly glamorous drag queen, a white BMW, among other bizarro moments.  I’m guessing this is some sort of commentary on the evolving nature of consumer-driven advertising in a world where the standard bleach-blonde-boobs sexual subtexts have run their course The conventional nature of sexuality that has been the norm in advertising for so long now is quickly being upended by a society that has grown increasingly more comfortable and aroused by the full spectrum of sexuality mixed with a healthy dose of surrealism.  To see more of Tel Aviv-based director Roy Raz’s work be sure to visit his Vimeo page, and to read an interview with him CLICK HERE.  And to enter the world of THE IRREPRESSIBLES you can visit and follow them on Facebook.


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