Mac DeMarco’s Music Makes A Mundane Moonlit Midnight Walk In Montreal Much More Magnificent

by • November 8, 2012 • Me, MusicComments (0)3491

I took a short break Tuesday night from my semi-successful attempt to kick my cigarette habit by having an election party at my place and bumming a few ciggies from my friends as we watched the results come in.  Cigarettes and elections are a brilliant combination so I’m sure I will have no problem waiting another 4 years until I smoke my next one.  Yeah right.

Fast forward twelve hours later and by lunchtime yesterday that nicotine fix had manifested into me bouncing off the walls of my apartment.  It lasted into the evening and I could barely sit still during the 2 hours of elimination rounds on NBC’s The Voice — my latest TV guilty pleasure.  When the show finished at 10pm I was still vibrating with so much nicotine energy I decided to burn it off by taking a long (and freezing ass cold) walk around Montreal’s Plateau district.  It lasted nearly an hour and a half which game me enough time to listen to Mac DeMarco’s brand new album 2 twice in a row.  Mac is actually from Montreal as well, so I may very well have crossed paths with him last night on the moonlit streets of the city.  But there’s a good chance he was busy at home working on another album because he’s already pumped out two in 2012 — the EP Rock and Roll Night Club and now 2.

You can pick up your own copy of 2 on iTunes, as well as your own copy of Rock And Roll Night Club on iTunes.  And to enter the world of Mac DeMarco be sure to check out his Bandcamp page, visit him at his label Captured Tracks, and follow him on Facebook.  If you happen to be in Montreal Friday night you’ll find me at the PANOPTICON EYELIDS Record Launch party where Mac will be playing bass for Walter TV.  It starts at 9pm and you can get all the deets for the event by CLICKING HERE.

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