You can always count on the always brilliant Bill Maher to cut through the horseshit and get straight to what really matters.  In a recent segment on his hit HBO talk show Real Time, Maher explains how everybody needs to stop bitching about the pace of economic recovery under the Obama administration and realize what this President has been saving us from for the past 4 years: religious fanaticism.  Maher also frames his takedown of Mitt Romney with a metaphor of sexual promiscuity: “When you elect Mitt you’re not just electing him, you’re electing every rightwing nut he’s pandered to in the last ten years.”  I would argue Thomas Jefferson was America’s greatest President, and no one understood better than he did how there is no bigger threat to democracy than religion.  If Jefferson was alive today, he and Obama would be having a serious bromance, and if he was in the audience during Bill Maher’s Romney takedown he would clapping louder and harder than anyone else.  A vote for Obama is a vote for the core ideals from which America was born.


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