My Future Husband Mo Rocca Explains The Lunacy Of The Electoral College And Its Ties To Slavery

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I want to make babies with Mo Rocca.  Lots and lots of babies.  It’s challenging for most of us to quantify exactly what it is that we find so attractive about someone we’ve got the hots for, but my weakness-in-the-knees for Mo goes far beyond a simple case of the hots — I want to curl up next to Mo’s Rocca for the next 50 years and be the wind beneath his Jewish wings thankyouverymuch.  So yes, Mo absolutely ranks near the top of my list of Future Husbands.  And apart from his sense of humor which gets me every time, Mo has some serious brains as well.

In his brand new PBS documentary Electoral Dysfunction, Mo takes the viewer on a no holds barred journey through the bad logic and horrifiying history of the madness that is the Electoral College.  How is it fair to the average American voter that certain states are worth more Electoral College points than others?  Well, it’s not fair, and Rocca explains the whys and hows of how this head-scratching system came to be in the first place, going all the way back to its connections to slavery.

My Future Husband appeared on CBS This Morning yesterday to talk about his new doc, and aside from his heartwarming charm, perfect face, and crisp white shirt, Mo’s long bangs also made an appearance.  They often fell down in front of his eyes as he gently slid them away with his left hand on numerous occasions, and each time I could see in his eyes how he needed me: “Oh, why can’t Brent be here beside me to sweep aside my silky salt and pepper locks for me, so as my arm doesn’t have to block his view of my face for so many split seconds over and over again?”  Yes Mo, I love you forever too.  You can learn more about Mo’s documentary Electoral Dysfunction by visiting and follow Mo Rocca on Twitter.

Source: CBS This Morning

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