In case nobody told you: it’s Halloween.  And in case you weren’t aware: that mean’s tomorrow is November 1st.  And in case you didn’t know: November is my least favorite month.  And in case it wasn’t obvious by now: I got 5 hours’ sleep last night so my writing style this morning is coming in putters and short burps.  And in case you’re in the same situation as me you will take some solace in the fact that it’s the perfect time of the year for folk music, which is why I’m so grateful to the folks at Disco Naivete for their post earlier this morning on the amazingness that is IMAGINARY FAMILY.  It’s the moniker of Belgian songstress Joanna Isselé, and today marks the release of her brand new debut EP Hidden.  You can stream it in its full beauty below, and check out the video for the EP’s standout track “The Bird Watcher” as well.  To enter the world of IMAGINARY FAMILY be sure to visit, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and pick up your own copy of Hidden via Unday Records or iTunes.

Source: Disco Naivete

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