Wet Nights And Waterfalls: Michelle Williams Makes Cameo In New Video For WILD NOTHING’s “Paradise”

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I’m a huge fan of WILD NOTHING (led by lead singer Jack Tatum), and I’ve pretty much chewed their brand new album Nocturne right down to the bone.

There is such a stunning sense of timelessness to their music, it’s easy for me to imagine listening to WILD NOTHING’s Nocturne (along with their equally gorgeous albums Gemini and Golden Haze) when I’m in my older golden years, rockin’ away on my front porch at sunset as their music floats off beyond the lake and forest in front of my eyes.  And I’m not exaggerating one bit.  These guys have a very special corner of my heart reserved especially for them, and I’m guessing their music means a lot to Michelle Williams as well.  Yesterday the band released the brand new music video for “Paradise”, one of Nocturne’s standout tracks, with Williams taking a starring cameo role.  There’s nothing profound going on here visually — just a gentle string of vignette moments tracking Michelle on a misty day in Niagara Falls, with the music of “Paradise” taking center stage from beginning to end.

For all things WILD NOTHING be sure to visit WILDNOTHING.BigCartel.com, follow the band on Facebook and Twitter, and pick up your own copy of the amazingness that is Nocturne by CLICKING HERE.  To grab 2010′s Gemini simply CLICK HERE, and for the equally incredible Golden Haze CLICK HERE.  And no WILD NOTHING post would be complete without letting you listen to the amazingness that is “Vultures Like Lovers” from 2010’s Golden Haze.

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