South London-based producer Samuel Howard is best known by his moniker HALLS, and Monday promises to be a very big day for this 21-year-old.  It marks the debut of his highly anticipated full length album Ark via the dream team at his label NO PAIN IN POP.

On the heels of his critically acclaimed EP Fragile from earlier this year, fans were given their second taste of Ark with the release of the album’s very first track “Reverie” earlier this morning (the first preview came three months ago with “Roses For The Dead” which you can stream below as well).  The song is nothing short of a revelation, and if it’s any indication of the full album’s presence, HALLS’ musical career is about to merge with the infinite.  In their review of the album The Line Of Best Fit writes, “This is a fantastic release from a homegrown artist who’s poised to take the fast-track to fame – especially in a post-electro world where there needs to be a clear distance from the well-trodden path of flimsy indietronica. If it were a concept album, it’d be flawless – there’s plenty of rich material to sink your hungry teeth into, and a consistent theme running strong throughout. However, there’s nothing to suggest that it is a concept album. What is clear is that this is a fantastic debut and surely a contender for album of the year.” You can read the entire review by visiting and pick up your own copy of Ark by CLICKING HERE.

To enter the world of HALLS be sure to visit, and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.  For all things NO PAIN IN POP simply head over to and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. For all FEELguide stories related to NO PAIN IN POP you can visit NO PAIN IN POP on FEELguide

Sources: NO PAIN IN POP and The Line Of Best Fit

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