Doctors Warn About Use Of Hand-Sanitizing Foams And Gels And Their Link To Allergies And Asthma

by • October 9, 2012 • Health, Random News, ScienceComments (0)3974

Hand-sanitizing foams and gels have been part of our lives for years now, but a growing number of doctors are sounding the alarm that this seemingly helpful product may be doing much more harm than good.  We’re coming up on cold and flu season, which means it’s prime time for antibacterial sanitizers to be found in homes and offices, but there’s evidence now emerging that these products won’t just make you more likely to get sick — they are also responsible for the recent surge in the number of people with allergies and asthma.  Studies have also shown that children who grow up on farms, and even with dogs in their homes, are dramatically less prone to developing allergies and asthma.  Check out this report from Dr. Nancy Snyderman from last night’s NBC Nightly News.

Source: NBC Nightly News

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