When you mention the name Hunter Moore, there are many people out there who likely think of 3 things almost instantaneously: 1) asshole, 2) revenge, 3) sex.  How so?  Because in 2010 Hunter started the “revenge porn” website called IsAnyoneUp.com (which has since been taken down and replaced with an anti-bullying site) which created a platform for angry/sad breakup-ees to post pictures of their exes with insanely graphic descriptions of what they’re like in bed.  The site was explosively popular, and while it managed to entertain countless people in its own visceral way, it also enraged a lot of people as well.  Since shutting down the site, Hunter has gone on to devote pretty much 100% of his time to DJing, banging chicks, and living large as only Hunter Moore can.  VICE recently sat down with Hunter for an interview and the following is a short excerpt:

VICE:  So, Hunter, you’re the most hated man on the internet. How does that feel?
Hunter Moore:  I don’t feel hated at all. I mean, I haven’t since I shut down isanyoneup, but maybe I’m just used to it now. I do have a lot of haters, but I’m not sure if I’m the most hated. I heard the guys from Nickleback aren’t liked very much on the internet, either.

VICE:  Maybe, although didn’t you get stabbed?
Hunter Moore:  Yeah, I did get stabbed. We had pictures of this girl doing drugs off of our penises and stuff, so we put it online. The party was at my house, so she knows where I live. She was fine with it, until the next day when she sobered up and saw the pictures. She came over here with her family to beat me up and, like, ninja’d me and stuck me in the arm with a pen.

And that’s just the beginning LOL.  The interview gets even better and you can read it in full by visiting VICE.com.  Hunter Moore has started his new site HunterMoore.tv, which chronicles his adventures all over America — but as you might have guessed it’s VERY NSFW.  You can also follow Hunter Moore on Twitter.  To book Hunter as a DJ you can email him at bookhuntermoore@gmail.com. 

Source: VICE

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