If you’re anything like me, then there are two groups of films we are in serious need of brushing up on: classics and foreign.  As far as classics are concerned one need only consult a recent ranking by the American Film Institute to find out which ones are essential viewing, but foreign films are a different story.  Because of the vast worldwide range, it’s almost impossible for a layperson such as myself to know where to start.  So when the team at Cool Material recently published their list of the top 10 foreign films every guy should see, it made this personal project of mine a whole lot easer.  The following is Cool Material‘s ranking compiled by Mike Newman:

1.  City Of God  (Brazil)
2.  A Prophet  (France)
3.  Pusher Trilogy  (Denmark)
4.  La Haine  (France)
5.  Mesrine: Killer Instinct (France)
6.  Waltz With Bashir  (Israel)
7.  Breathless  (France)
8.  [REC]  (Spain)
9.  Headhunters  (Norway, Germany)
10.  Elite Squad: The Enemy Within  (Brazil)

You can read more and watch the trailers for each of these films by visiting CoolMaterial.com.  And earlier this morning I was majorly impressed by the brand new trailer for the post-modern love story Beyond Mountains, More Mountains directed by the creative collective CANADA and created for 55DSL‘s “Kids in Italia” campaign giving artists the opportunity to showcase their creative vision of the progressive ready-to-wear label and its founding ethos.  Hypebeast writes, “In the film created in conjunction with VICE, the adventures of a young couple are perfectly captured as they first find each other, and later journey off in search of a missing boot. Venturing through Italy, the couple’s relationship mimics that of the Sicilian landscape, from extreme euphoria — reflected in the peaks of Mt. Stromboli — to shattering uncertainty which is depicted in Carrara, the location where Michelangelo sourced the stones required to make his sculptures. Much like the masterpieces carved from rough stone, an end product is achieved through this adventure, and rather than finding the missing boot, the couple find Italy — perhaps a subtle nod to the geographic shape that mimics that of a boot.”

You can check out the trailer below and read Hypebeast’s interview with CANADA by visiting Hypebeast.com.  To learn more about the work of CANADA you can visit their website LaWebDeCANADA.com as well as their Vimeo page.

Sources: Cool Material and Hypebeast

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