Earlier today I finally got my hands on FLYING LOTUS‘s highly anticipated new album Until The Quiet Comes, and I’m pretty much speechless. This thing is so friggin’ amazing (worth noting: this is the very first time I have ever used the word “friggin'” on FEELguide) that I swear I was literally flying on a lotus flower at least five times over the course of the day today. There are so many highlights on Until The Quiet Comes that it’s taking everything in me to not mention each and every track here.  But among the very best tracks would have to be its title track “Until The Quiet Comes”, “Hunger”, and “me Yesterday / Corded”.  If you have not yet seen the album’s teaser trailer you can watch it below, and to grab you own copy of Until The Quiet Comes on iTunes.  And to enter the world of L.A.’s own FLYING LOTUS be sure to visit his website at FLYING-LOTUS.com and follow him on Facebook.  But be warned: FEELguide’s #1 Album of 2012 is not guaranteed — FLYING LOTUS is in steep competition against my equally favorite album of the year so far: HOW TO DRESS WELL’s Total Loss


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