Back in May of this year the team at The Creators Project were the very first ones to profile an experimental filmmaking technique developed by the geniuses at RGB+D who used a Kinect™ and a DSLR camera to create a hybrid CGI and video form.  As TCP writes, “this technique takes the video footage from the SLR and maps it onto data captured with the Kinect™ depth-sensing camera, so you get strange-looking 3D visuals where forms become fragmented and erupt into point clouds or distort into meshes of lines.”  Now The Creators Project bring you the latest fruit from the RGB+D toolkit.  Directed by Takcom (Takafumi Tsuchiya), the music video for “Asterism” (from Japanese band HaKU) not only uses the RGB+D style, it’s also been abstracted even further with Takcom’s elegant ticks and refractions (as TCP notes, the effect was first used three weeks prior to Takcom in the video for Jon Lindsay‘s track “Oceans More”).  For more information on what you’re about to watch be sure to visit

Source: The Creators Project

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