It’s one of 2012’s biggest sleeper hits to-date, and earlier this week the team at The Creators Project paid a visit to the abandoned gas station in southern Louisiana which served as the production office for the crew of Beasts Of The Southern Wild.  TCP catches up with Director Behn Zeitlin and his team at Court 13 — his self-described “island of friends” film collective — which has been making low budget films in the New Orleans area for years now.  Beasts Of The Southern Wild is their biggest film to date, and it has been garnering rave reviews from critics around the world ever since it debuted this summer.  Watch as Zeitlin tours the gas station which served as the central hub for the crew, and is also where he wrote the script.  We also get a glimpse at part of the set (which his sister built and lived in), and some noteworthy tips on how to hold a camera while shooting in a place as precarious as the Bayou.  The featurette comes in two parts below, and I’ve also attached the trailer as well.

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Source: The Creators Project

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