THE WIRE’s Ryan Diduck recently profiled the underground music of my home town of Montreal for an article that will be published in the magazine’s 343rd issue.  “Ryan Diduck’s article in ‘THE WIRE’ 343 looks at Montreal’s current music scene, focusing on artists working in the sphere of the Casa del Popolo cafe and music venue, founded by GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR bassist Mauro Pezzente and printmaker Kiva Stimac.”  For years now, Casa del Popolo has remained the central hub for all the up-and-coming artists.  Last year I had the chance to see Montreal’s own LE RÉVÉLATEUR perform there and it was a terrific show to say the least (I’m convinced that show sent me into a trance which somehow connected me to San Fran’s psychedelic 1967 Summer of Love — not sure if I’m still locked in that trance all these months later). In a web exclusive just published a few minutes ago, THE WIRE previews several new tracks from Montreal’s best undergrounders including: Hobo Cubes‘ “Wet” is from their album Open Exits, LE RÉVÉLATEUR’s “Fleuve Noir” is from Horizon Fears, Trailing’s “Untitled” is from Asymmetries, and Event Cloak “New Future” is unreleased.  To take them each for a spin be sure to visit  And if you have not yet seen the video for LE RÉVÉLATEUR’s “Data Daze” you’re in for a treat below.

Source: THE WIRE

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