Banner Photo #91: 60 Minutes Goes In Search Of The Jaguar, The World’s Most Elusive Cat

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While browsing through 60 Minutes’ incredible website earlier this evening, I found a story which was first broadcast all the way back on January 30, 2011, and updated six months later on June 27th.  Correspondent Bob Simon was invited by Alan Rabinowitz, the world’s foremost authority on jaguars, who told Bob that even though the jaguar is the world’s most elusive cat, the year’s prime window of opportunity was approaching whereby sightings of the rare creature would be approaching their peak.  It takes place during the dry season deep in the jungles of Brazil, smack dab in central South America.  You can watch the amazing story in full below. To learn how you can protect the jaguar from extinction, as well as the entirety of the world’s wildlife, be sure to visit the Wildlife Conservation Society at

Source: 60 Minutes

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