Jason Silva Appears On “CBS This Morning” To Discuss Radical Openness And How Ideas Can Have Sex

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One of my favorite people in the entire Universe is futurist and philosopher Jason Silva.  As Silva notes in his recent appearance on CBS This Morning, it’s all too easy to for us to become overwhelmed by the waves of technological, scientific and media innovation that flood our daily lives.  For many people the resulting side effect is an onset of numbness, and for some it even goes as far as an outright rejection of the change that is occurring all around us.  Silva’s advice to these people is to take a deep breath and realize that this change is not a threat — it’s a thing of wonder.  He gives the example of how when writing first appeared in Western civilization, the intellects of the time warned of its dangers — their main concern was that if we started writing everything down our brains would begin to atrophy.  Jason says it’s completely natural for us to experience bouts of Attention Deficit Disorder at times, “If you don’t have ADD you’re not paying attention … ‘attention’ is the new limited resource.”  The ideas that are emerging in 2012 are so huge, that part of Jason’s goal — especially in his videos — is to package these ideas in a more digestible format.  He affectionately calls his videos dense “shots of philosophical espresso.”  Check out Jason’s CBS appearance below, and to enter the world of Jason Silva be sure to watch his videos on Vimeo, visit his site at ThisIsJasonSilva.com, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.  For all FEELguide posts related to Jason Silva you can visit Jason Silva on FEELguide

Source: CBS This Morning

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