Surprisingly Affordable Bliss: New Video Highlights The Ultimate Dream Vacation Of THE YACHT WEEK

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My latest contract has found me biking past Montreal’s marina district each morning, and once again at night on my way home.  And with each pass I find myself developing a deeper fascination with yachting lifestyle.  There are more yachts parked in Montreal’s Old Port than I can count, and some of them are drop dead gorgeous.  It’s nearly impossible to not let one’s imagination run wild with fantasies of what it would be like to load up one of these stunning machines with a dozen of your closest friends and set sail for the most beautiful locales on planet Earth.  Well, believe it or not, these fantasies have officially entered the average person’s realm of possibility.

I was browsing Fubiz earlier this morning and came across a video love letter to yachting life entitled “Yacht Week Croatia: Flashback” directed by Fredrik Hvass.  I never gave the title much thought, and instead focused my attention for 3:40 on HD footage of gorgeous people having a gorgeous time in the most ridiculously gorgeous places.  It wasn’t until I read more closely that I realized this was footage taken from what’s known as THE YACHT WEEK, a brilliant new vacation service where you and your friends can charter a yacht (and a skipper too if you like) for as little as $425US/person.  The following concept description is from the company’s website: “THE YACHT WEEK provides an exhilarating experience of sailing, regattas, entertainment and much more. Gather your friends and be part of an epic voyage on Caribbean waters in the winter and spring, Croatian, Italian or Greek waters in the summer. Join us by choosing a sailing week and a yacht to accommodate you and your friends.  We welcome sailors of all abilities and can provide you with an option to sail with a professional skipper. Affordable luxury combined with great people from all over the world and unforgettable events are what makes us unique. Every day is exceptional. Every night is magical. Crystal clear water, fresh winds, regattas and yacht parties will make the experience the journey of your life.”  Uhhhhhhmmmm, count me in.

You can get all the information you need by visiting, and be sure to follow the team on Facebook, where you can browse several of their droolworthy photo galleries.  And you can also follow THE YACHT WEEK on Twitter as well as their blog.  Pure amazingness.

Sources: Fubiz and THE YACHT WEEK

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