A Discreet Orange Door Leads To The Mindblowing “Casa Grecia” Home In São Paulo, Brazil

by • June 25, 2012 • Architecture, DesignComments (0)3540

Designed by Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld and located in São Paulo, Brazil, the Casa Grecia is home to not only a very fortunate family, but also to a seamless fusion of architecture and nature.  Most people who pass by the home’s discreet concrete front door structure with an orange door would have no clue as to what lies on the other side — a jaw-dropping home which integrates a 1,900 square meter ecosystem of natural vegetation.  Of all the items on the owners’ design wish list for their architect was to have a home where they could maximize the quality of the time spent with their children, family, and friends; therefore, multiple entertaining areas and massive dining spaces were incorporated into the overall design. A cozy cinema room, large children’s playroom, a sauna, an underground gym, and a long swimming pool, are some of the features Weinfeld designed to fit the needs of his client.  Several gigantic trees dotted the existing landscape, and the design team carefully integrated each and every one of them by wrapping the footprint of the home around them and celebrating the resulting zones with “pocket”-like areas of gardens and patios.  Topping off the design is a customized pebble driveway which leads to a minimal white garage where the owners’ vintage cars are not only protected, but also put on display behind tempered crystal clear glass.  To learn more about Isay Weinfeld’s architecture firm be sure to visit IsayWeinfeld.com.  The photographs below are courtesy of FG+SG Architectural Photography.


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