Nicotine Withdrawal Insomnia And Dancing Swirls Of Smoke Run Wild In MOONS’ “Bloody Mouth”

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Patrick Canaday is the Atlanta-based artist behind MOONS, whose new track “Bloody Mouth” hit web shelves last week.  It’s the second song in the past seven days which I discovered during a 4am window of insomnia, brought on by my 8th fucking night of nicotine withdrawal insomnia (seriously, this is getting out of control people).  Half-dazed as I lay in my bed watching the video for “Bloody Mouth”, my imagination couldn’t help but interpret these dancing white figures as twirling white clouds of cigarette smoke teeeeeeeeeasing me with their taunting pirouettes which appeared to spell out the words: “You Know You Want One Brent” (the song’s lyrics “And now I know I need relief / A quiet sound to calm my mind” are very à propos I have to admit).  But I digress.  It’s a great track from a great new artist, and I’ve also thrown in the Soundcloud of another one his singles from last October entitled “Bazaar”.  For all things MOONS be sure to follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud, and to pick up your own 7″ limited edition of “Bloody Mouth” (250 exist, $10 each) you can visit NO-RE.CO/rdings and click on the black & red bar for the link.  Now I’m off to bury my head in the sand and try my hardest to forget that cigarettes exist.

Sources: NO FEAR OF POP, Pitchfork and Altered Zones

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