DIIV (formerly known as DIVE until they had to change their name for legal reasons) is the music side project of Beach Fossils, and from what I’ve heard so far, they’re getting top billing at my own personal Summer Music Festival Inside My Apartment.  Back in April they released one of their first tracks “How Long Have You Known?”, and just last week they let the brand new video set sail.  It features lead singer Z. Cole Smith whipping up a pink power pill out of the most hilarious collection of random objects imaginable, adding up to the cheapest — yet most entertaining — production value I’ve seen in a music video in quite some time.  You know it’s good when you find yourself laughing out loud more than three or four times.  Another beauty is DIIV’s “Doused” released in early May which is as brilliant a summer anthem as I’ve ever heard.  For all things DIIV be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and grab some of their music via their label CapturedTracks.com.  Along with “How Long Have You Known?” and “Doused”, I’m also reposting the band’s terrific track “Sometime” which I first wrote about back in December.  DIIV will be releasing their debut full-length via Captured Tracks on June 26th.

Source: ISO50

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