Being a Montrealer it’s hard not to love a good cigarette.  Or 10.  It goes for any day of the year, but in the dead of winter there’s really nothing better than getting a group of close friends together, whipping up a legendary table of amazing food and bottomless glasses of wine, and letting the conversations take on a collective life of their own (along with nothing but the best in music of course).  Those after-dinner ciggies are pretty much the best moments anyone could ever dream of, so the irony of this latest post did not go unnoticed by yours truly.  This weekend I’m trying to tone down the smoke and let my body catch its breath, but as fate (and irony) would have it I’ve just come across my favorite new mixtape courtesy of DJ BURN ONE entitled — wait for it — “Where There’s Smoke”.  I wouldn’t go as far as saying this is a cruel cosmic joke, but it’s pretty damn close.  The very same weekend I made some headway with my smoking habit, along comes this highly smokeworthy mix commissioned by the geniuses at FADER. Apart from the mix itself, I also have to thank them for introducing me to one of hip-hop’s most cutting edge artists (to learn exactly why DJ BURN ONE is so far ahead of his peers check out his impressive story by visiting FADER which includes bow-downs to DJ BURN ONE for being the first to spot the talents of such heavyweights as Gucci Mane’s Chicken Talk and Young Dro’s Future Legends series).  You can follow DJ BURN ONE on Twitter and download your own free copy of his mix “Where There’s Smoke” by CLICKING HERE.

Source: FADER

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