Say what you will, “Do What You Will” is my delicious new song of the day.  It comes courtesy of San Francisco-based group PAPERCUTS, a band created by Jason Robert Quever which features fellow members David Enos, Frankie Koeller, Graham Hill and others, who have found a lovely home at legendary music label SUB POP.   The song is included on the band’s newest album Fading Parade, the band’s 4th album which was released in March 2011, and the gurus at SUB POP provided the following description of the album: “This is dream pop of the highest order, but unlike a lot of contemporary bands that fall under the same sonic umbrella, PAPERCUTS isn’t trying to emulate shoegaze heavy hitters from yesteryear.  Instead, Quever’s embraced a gentler, more sophisticated approach to presenting pop music that’s steeped in atmosphere.”  I couldn’t agree more (you can read the complete SUB POP bio of PAPERCUTS by CLICKING HERE).  You can check out the video for “Do What You Will” below, and for all things PAPERCUTS be sure to visit their Tumblr blog, and you can also follow them on Facebook.  And for all things SUB POP be sure to visit  To purchase your own copy of PAPERCUTS’ latest album Fading Parade CLICK HERE.

Source: The Fox Is Black

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