Banner Photo #64: Ti West’s New Horror Film “The Innkeepers” Opens February 3rd

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When it debuted in March 2010 at the SXSW Film Festival, director Ti West‘s latest horror film The Innkeepers instantly became the talk of the town (CINEMATICAL was lucky enough to attend the screening and praised the film as “radiant with inspiration”; director Eli Roth also called it “one of the best, smartest, and scariest” indie horrors he’s seen ages).  West is the genius behind the 2009 pant-shitting flick The House Of The Devil (watch the trailer HERE) which is reason #2 for you to run to see The Innkeepers when The Innkeepers hits theaters on February 3rd.  The film is already available on-demand as of right now, and to wet your scaredy pants appetite even more, the producers released the following 2:20 clip from the film a little while back (I’ve also attached the trailer as well which features an almost unrecognizable Kelly McGillis of Top Gun game).  For some context, The Playlist (who were among the first to rave about the film following its SXSW premiere) provides the following synopsis of the film and their thoughts of the clip:  “The film concerns a pair of slackers (played by Shark Night star Sara Paxton and a dude named Pat Healy) who work at a reportedly haunted hotel. The hotel is about to close, so the film follows their last ditch efforts to make supernatural contact. It has a loose, easy-going style, which makes this clip all the weirder. After a chatty and occasionally goofy opening, the last act gets seriously scary. It’s a fine tonal balance, akin to something like Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners, but West pulls it off.  This brief clip, though, focuses on the darker, more sinister final moments of the film. And while it’s certainly effective, it doesn’t represent the movie as a whole very well. This is clearly aimed at snagging the INSIDIOUS audience.”  For all things The Innkeepers be sure to follow the film on Facebook.

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