It comes as no surprise that I’m Active Child‘s number one fan. I don’t think there’s any other musician I’ve written about more; most recently I ranked his latest album You Are All I See as FEELguide’s #1 Album Of 2011. And the album is proving to be the gift that keeps on giving — just this morning Active Child released the brand new video for his achingly beautiful song “Hanging On” with a visual narrative that centers on a fly fisherman in the forest. The video was filmed using two Canon 7Ds, a Sony CineAlta 1500, and a Hero GoProHD, which explains the crisp and luscious imagery you are about to feast your eyes on. The song itself tells the story of a man at a crossroads: how long should one hang on to a love before finally cutting the line? There are plenty of fish in the sea, but sometimes the thrill of wrestling with with a stubborn catch can be just as hard to let go of as the fish itself. For all things Active Child be sure to visit, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook. For all FEELguide posts related to Active Child CLICK HERE. To pick up your own Deluxe Version of You Are All I See (which features the extraordinary song “Diamond Heart” which you can watch below) simply head over to iTunes.

Source: Active Child on Facebook and GIZMODO

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