Charlie Rose Week On FEELguide: An Hour With Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Renzo Piano, & Jean Nouvel

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This is absolutely incredible.  On June 5, 2008, Charlie aired a brilliant interview with four of the world’s giants in the field of Architecture: Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Renzo Piano, and Jean Nouvel.  The interview was filmed in March 2008, just after Nouvel had been presented with the acclaimed Pritzker Prize For Achievement In Architecture in Washington.  The 2008 Pritzker jury praised Nouvel for “his courageous pursuit of new ideas and his challenge of accepted norms in order to stretch the boundaries of the field.”  Some interesting highlights include:

08:48 ☛  “What both worries and encourages you about Architecture today?”
16:14 ☛  To Frank Gehry: “What influences you the most?”
23:16 ☛  Nouvel reveals why he likes America’s style of competitions and hates Europe’s
29:25 ☛  “If our world is not getting the buildings it ‘deserves’ what is the reason?”
31:46 ☛  To Renzo Piano: “How do you approach a project involving an exisiting building?”

There are many more highlights of course, and the entire one hour is like candy for anyone with a passion for Architecture.  It’s also amazing to watch how they each interrelate with one another.  A great example of how friendships can evolve between even the biggest players on the field of competition. For more terrific stories of our built world be sure to visit FEELguide Architecture.

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