Los Angeles-based master producer Flying Lotus has not only been cranking out his groundbreaking style of experimental hip-hop psychedelia for years now (his debut album 1983 was released back in 2006), but you can now add his impressive talent as a director to your list of reasons to admire him.  He recently directed a short bumper for the alternative cable network Adult Swim which broadcasts worldwide (the network shares channel space in the United States with the Cartoon Network from 9pm – 6am EST).  The gorgeous piece entitled “Levitating Girl Collage” features a young girl rising into a Rorschach sky which slowly reveals a series of elegant symbols, vines, and the face of a young woman.  The music you hear is the song “Pretty Polly” by the equally incredible (and equally L.A.) Teebs, from his recent release Collections 01.  For all things Flying Lotus be sure to visit his website at Flying-Lotus.com.  Recently, Flying Lotus collaborated with the Ann Arbor Film Festival where he performed a live score to the 1962 avant-garde film Heaven and Earth Magic  (it is unknown whether the recording of the critically acclaimed performance will be released).  In August 2011, Flying Lotus announced a multimedia project with filmmaker Miwa Matreyek, which is to be titled The Mapping of Countries Yet to Come.  For your added listening pleasure I’ve included Flying Lotus’ track “Golden Diva” from his legendary album 1983


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