In one short week, the collective consciousness of the Western world will be tuned into the Jesus frequency as we celebrate his 2012th birthday.  And no complaints here.  Clearly he was an incredible human being with a powerful message of love, compassion, peace, and enlightenment which he managed to spread across a huge population while he was still alive.  Unfortunately, that message did not go over very well with the barbarians who eventually killed him.

I’ve been very outspoken about my views on Christianity here on FEELguide in the sense that over the past 2,000 years the true message of Jesus Christ has been flipped completely inside out and bass-ackwards — that heaven is not a patch of real estate in the sky that we are ziplined up to when we die — HEAVEN IS ENLIGHTENMENT.  Those who work the hardest to reach this goal end up experiencing this “heaven” while still alive (including J.C. himself, Buddha, Mohammed, and countless others).  The path to true enlightenment is a long one — often taking an entire lifetime to fulfill, but Jesus managed to get there sooner (and deeper) than most, and wanted to show others how to do the same.  Fast forward 2012 years and we’ve found ourselves living in a world where Christians fight with (and even kill) each other over whose interpretation of the Bible is correct.  We live in a world that is suffocated by man-made dogma that resembles nothing even remotely close to what Jesus was trying to communicate (I do believe in God, it’s just that I spell it differently than most people: “N.A.T.U.R.E.”).  And we live in a world that is drowning in a sea of Black Friday Santa Claus commercialism which all to often results in nothing more than an total eclipse of the Light.

Gift giving can be a truly beautiful thing, however.  A couple Christmases ago, for example, I had one of the most loving and emotional moments of my life when I sat with my family around our tree on Christmas Eve.  I will never, ever forget what happened that night.  When done right, Christmas can be a thoroughly transformative experience.  All you have to do is appreciate the true gift surrounding that tree — the gift of loving those who mean the most to you, and being loved by them in return.  As the Big J.C. would have said: it’s the very meaning of life.


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