Be Still My Designer Heart: The Extraordinary “BR House” In The Rain Forest Of Rio de Janeiro

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Brazil is home to some of the sexiest human specimens on the face of the earth, and on top of that their architecture ain’t too shabby either.  Case in point: this insanely beautiful 2-storey home in Rio de Janeiro designed by Sao Paulo-based studio Marcio Kogan.  Entitled “The BR House”, the following is a description of the home by the designers themselves: “The house is removed from the ground to approximate its surroundings, its exterior, and the horizontal lines created are very visually distinct while the vertical ones have the intention of disappearing into the land.  The pillars of The BR House are not lean, but thick, like the trunks of the great trees in the rain forest. The wooden pillars end up dimming the vertical lines, causing it to appear as if the house were hovering above the rain forest. The beams and flagstones are thick and distinct with the exposed raw concrete.  In this aspect, architecture displays its presence, not trying to hide itself in the surroundings, but affirming itself as a human production and a place for internal protected activities, without any dissimulation.  At night the relation between the interior and exterior of The BR House acquires a new proposition.  As night falls over the rain forest and the trees disappear into the darkness, the house functions as a flashlight.  The interior light, filtered through the percolation of the bedrooms or refracted through the glass of the living room, illuminates the immediate surroundings, making the architecture, once again, present as both shelter and poetic expression.”  Love it.  And to check out the FEELguide profile of another one of Marcio Kogan‘s designs, “The Punta House” of Uruguay, CLICK HERE.

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