Physics Workout Of The Month: Listen To Steven Weinberg Explain “Space” And Peter Galison Explain “Time”

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NOVA is currently airing their brand new series entitled The Fabric Of The Cosmos hosted by world-renowned physicist Brian Greene.  As much as I love NOVA and Brian Greene, however, I must admit there’s something about this series that wreaks of tackiness.  From the graphics to the laughable green screen scenarios showing Greene engaging with the world at a quantum level, it makes me want to sigh.  There’s simply nothing else more interesting than quantum physics — nothing — so why does PBS continue to gift wrap the most profound ideas of the universe inside this unbearable mac & cheese storytelling veneer?  Say what you will, at least their hearts are in the right place and they’re attempting to fill a void that few other networks even want to touch.  Over the past couple days NOVA has posted two terrific little videos on their Facebook page which are definitely worth checking out: 1) Acclaimed physicist Steven Weinberg explaining the concept of “space” (which NOVA admits “is a tough one to explain, even for a Nobel prize-winning physicist”); and 2) Physicist Peter Galison explaining how our human sense of time as moving constantly forward is completely contradictory to how time actually “works.”  To listen to each of the two clips simply click on the links below.  For more goodies like this be sure to follow NOVA on Facebook and visit their website by CLICKING HERE.  TO LISTEN TO STEVEN WEINBERG EXPLAIN “SPACE” CLICK HERE.  TO LISTEN TO PETER GALISON EXPLAIN “TIME” CLICK HERE.

Source: NOVA

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