FADER recently commissioned NEW LOOK to put together a mixtape, and as the editors noted: “When we asked them to make a mix for us, we hoped it would give insight into where they are coming from, and from the title alone, we knew that’s what we were going to get. This mix is called ‘Doom and Dance Pop’, and if you assumed that meant there would be appearances by both Joy Division and New Order, you would assume right.”  They further add that the mix is best enjoyed while “wandering desolate streets at dusk” as opposed to being a sissy and listening to it on your computer (woops).  It’s a really great mix and includes the following selections:  1) OMD “She’s Leaving”;  2) John Carpenter “The End”;  3) Joy Division “Isolation”;  4) Suicide “Ghost Rider”;  5) Tones on Tail “Rain”;  6) The Smiths “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out”; and 7)  New Order “Procession”.  Enjoy!   To learn more about NEW LOOK be sure to visit them on Facebook, MySpace, and for even more links you can visit their website NEWLOOKMusic.com.  And if you haven’t seen their beautiful video for “Nap On The Bow” you can also check it out below.

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Source: FADER

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