Forbes Profiles The Security Firm Which Keeps Most Billionaires Safe From Kidnapping, Disasters, And Other Threats

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Having billions of dollars in your bank account is something that nearly everyone dreams about, and who can blame you?  Million dollar toys, million dollar vacations, and billion dollar access.  Not a care in the world right?  Wrong.  Having this kind of cash unleashes a hornet’s nest of major worries, ranging from constant kidnapping threats against you and your family, to blackmail, to burglary, to death threats, and so on and so on.  It is not exactly a care-free life, and as it turns out there is one security firm that helps the majority of those who appear on the Forbes 400 stay safe from harm.  The firm’s name is TorchStone Global, and Forbes recently profiled their sophisticated and highly sought-after skills at evading the sinister criminals who want a piece of the wealthy pie.  To check out Forbes’ fascinating gallery of images which highlights the various techniques used by TorchStone Global’s security forces to protect their clients be sure to CLICK HERE.  And to see Forbes’ ranking of the 400 richest people in America CLICK HERE.

Source: Forbes

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