Robert Seidel’s Mindblowing “Scrape” LED Motion Graphic Installation Brings Seoul Highrise To Life

by • October 1, 2011 • Architecture, Art, Graphic Design, VideoComments (0)3034

Robert Seidel is the German motion graphics designer behind this gorgeous video which was commissioned by the Goethe-Institute Seoul and Gana Art Center.  Entitled “Scrape”, the video was featured on Seoul’s even more impressive 79m x 99m giant LED media canvas permanently attached to the highrise facing Seoul Square.  “Scrape” is a video deconstruction and reconfiguration of chunks and pieces of Seoul’s cityscape that are reassembled into Seidel’s signature style of organic ribbons and folds. The Creators Project is loving the piece as well, writing, “The petal-like abstract formations of warm and cool colors seem to chase away the darkness of Seoul’s night. The organic flow of the images are reminiscent of a flower endlessly blooming and decaying, evoking ruminations on the nature of existence and the cycle of life and death.”  So lovely.  To learn more about the installation be sure to CLICK HERE.  For more information of the artist you can visit his profile at The Creators Project

Source: The Creators Project

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