Bank Of America Called Grieving Widow 48 Times A Day Immediately Following Husband’s Death

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I’m not entirely certain where modern man lost his civility and respect for his fellow human beings, but hearing of stories like this one makes me wonder if we will ever get it back.  Deborah Crabtree has filed a lawsuit against Bank Of America Home Loan Servicing, after receiving an obscene number of phone calls from a BofA operator almost immediately after the bank learned of the man’s death.  Crabtree explains in the suit how after her husband lost his battle with cancer she had her answering machine ready in order to receive messages of condolence from loved ones.  She said “a debt collector from Bank of America Home Loan Servicing called every 15 minutes and left harassing messages about the debts her husband had left behind that everyone in the house could hear.”  The phone calls peaked at 48 per day, and when Crabtree would answer personally to explain to the agent that she needed 30 days to get her financial life in order and to receive her husband’s life insurance check, the agent said the calls were computer-controlled and could not be stopped. Her lawsuit claims BoA violated state debt collection laws.  A spokeswoman for BofA told CNN that in general, the bank “informs family members when they aren’t responsible for the debt of a deceased relative.”  WOW.  Dear Mrs. Crabtree: I realize nothing will ever replace your loving husband, but I have a good feeling that you will be very well compensated when these mother fuckers finally get what they deserve.

Source: Consumerist

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