Bill Clinton Explains To David Letterman How Our Planet Can Finally Get Off Oil

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Sometimes when I listen to Bill Clinton speak I get a little bit tingly between my legs.  The man is the picture of eloquence and is so intelligent, with such a vast understanding of the state of the world’s political and economic situation, that if I ever bumped into him face-to-face I would probably plant myself on him lips-to-lips, coming straight from my heart-to-heart.  And it’s not necessarily a sexual impetus either — my attraction to Clinton stems from a pure admiration for the man’s intellect and breadth of knowledge.  I can only imagine how quickly I will melt into a puddle when I finally meet my dreamboat hubby with Bill’s brain and Joe Manganiello’s outer shell.  Say a little prayer, OK folks?

Last night I came across this 2002 clip of Clinton’s appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman, and hearing Clinton speak about how our world could feasibly wean itself off of oil and onto alternative energy sources is one of the most intelligent summaries of our planet’s current energy dilemma that I’ve ever heard.  I can hardly believe that 2002 is almost a decade ago, but his insight into the situation still rings as true today as it did back then.  Letterman, of course, is his usual moronic self, but still manages to get a good dialogue going.  Of particular interest to me is the advice that Clinton says he gave personally to the political and oil industry leaders of Saudi Arabia.  For all things Bill Clinton, and to learn how you can become what Clinton describes as a “better citizen” be sure to visit his exceptional passion project at

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