Ann Curry is one of my top three most favorite broadcast journalists in the industry, and is easily one of my favorite women in the world as well.  So when Forbes ranked her among the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women this week it made perfect sense to me. It also makes sense that whichever woman holds the co-host chair of The TODAY Show would make the list, but Ann is by no means your average morning show talking head.  The woman is a fearless force of nature as far as I’m concerned, and throughout her 33 years as a journalist, she has consistently planted herself in the middle of some of the most hostile, dangerous, and momentous places on earth where the human experiment has taken its most dramatic turns.

In their profile of Curry, Forbes wrote the following, “[Curry has traveled extensively] to Darfur, the Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti to report on humanitarian struggles, wars and natural disasters. She’s watched by an average of 6 million every morning. Curry is out of bed by 3:45 every morning and reads four newspapers. She’s interviewed the Dalai Lama five times, and Twitter called one of her 2010 tweets the year’s most powerful. The 50-character message implored the Air Force to allow physicians to land in Haiti to administer aid to the injured and dying after the earthquake.”

I never miss my mornings with Ann, and I look forward to years of incredible reporting from the one legacy network anchor who makes Diane Sawyer look like an amateur.  There were also 99 other women who made the list, and you can see the full list by visiting Forbes. You can also follow Ann Curry on TwitterFacebook, and her profile page at MSNBC.

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Source: Forbes

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