Tomohiro Inaba’s Steel Wire Frame Human Skull And Animal Sculptures Are The Best Damn Things I’ve Seen All Week

by • July 19, 2011 • ArtComments (0)12050

Tomohiro Inaba‘s sculptures, as you will see below, are so brilliant it makes me want to hit myself on the head as I scream out loud, “Why the hell didn’t I think of that myself?!” Each piece, whether it be an innocent fawn chewing on grass or a human skull balancing perilously on its chin, exemplifies an idea in sculptural form with such clarity I can honetly say I’ve never seen anyone pull this off so effortlessly.  His works convey a dual expression of how our minds (both human and animal) so often fall prey to absence, as well as the idea that we exist on this earth for nothing more than a flash of a second, and are highly prone to eventually turning into dust.  Absoltely stunning.  To see more of Inaba’s work be sure to visit his website at

Source: This Is Colossal

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