Shoot Me Fashion’s Beautifully Surreal Short Film “The Birth”

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Shoot Me Fashion is a fashion collective out of Turkey, and they recently launched three short films entitled “The Birth”, “Wanted”, and “The Cure”.  “The Birth” is by far the best of the bunch with its impressive cinematography and surreal visuals of hovering boxes giving birth to ready-to-wear models sporting the latest stylings by some unknown designer(s).  “Wanted” is much less impressive, centering around a circus theme and marching band with models magically popping up in the center ring.  Thirdly, “The Cure” opens with a young woman in a hospital bed being treated with an injectable fashion sense.  An interesting premise, but I got bored after a while.  I can’t say I have any idea what the point of these videos is since there’s no credits for the designs being presented and absolutely zero information or mandate on their website, but “The Birth” is so beautifully crafted I had to write about it.  It’s frustrating, however, that there’s no mention of the director.  If I find out I will be sure to give you an update.  You can watch the other two videos on Vimeo.

Source: Fubiz

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