McDonald’s Replacing Cashiers With Touchscreens At 7,000 Locations

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Steve Easterbrook, President of McDonald’s European operations, announced today that the giant food service provider is installing touchscreen ordering technology in 7,000 of its European locations, effectively eliminated thousands of cashier employees.  The move comes in response to an ordering system which hasn’t changed in “30-40 years.”  Tech Eye has more on the story:

The move aims to make the McDonald’s experience more convenient, though we must say the original ‘give money, get burger’ was never really too taxing on the customer in the first place. According to Easterbrook, bringing in touchscreens will mean that efficiency is increased. Swiping of Visa cards could also make life more simple for us increasingly catatonic fast food devourers, with the average transaction three to four seconds shorter for each customer. It makes instant gratification that little bit more instant. It also means that, like the similar technology at supermarkets, the firm will be able to gather huge databases on customer ordering habits.

McDonald’s is currently implementing an epic makeover of all of its stores worldwide.  You can read more about their plan here: A Look At McDonald’s Massive 2011 Global Makeover.

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