Showering Is As Bad As Smoking (Well, Not Exactly)

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I’ll admit it: I don’t shower every day — just don’t think it’s right.  Where, after all, does soap exist in the natural world?  N.O.W.H.E.R.E.  Sure, I love my deodorant and cologne, but the whole scrub down nonsense is just plain wrong.  So when I see the latest wave of research coming out that proves how beneficial it is to lay off the soap, the only thing I can smell is the glorious scent of “I told ya so.” Here are the top six reasons why showering every day is a terrible idea:

1. YOUR SKIN WILL BE MUCH SOFTER: Your skin gets moisture from two different sources.  First is the water and healthy oils inside your body, and second is by attracting moisture from the air.  When you shower you actually wash away all those good oils and you end up drying out your skin.  When you apply moisturizer you actually shut down the opportunity for nature to pull out its own natural moisturizers that were all ready to go.  So use a nontoxic soap on your nether regions and you’ll notice how your skin will take care of the rest on its own.  If you need a little boost then try organic raw oils like coconut, jojoba, or olive, or pure shea butter creams with not additives.

2. YOUR NATURAL SMELL WILL COME THROUGH: While it’s important to keep away the pit stink, there’s a difference between that raunch from under your arms and the natural odor that is your body’s “odor fingerprint”.  This natural smell has been proven to play a huge role in sexual attraction and mate selection, on both a psychological and a physiological level.

3. YOU WILL GET SICK MUCH LESS: Avoiding the shower will help keep your good bacteria alive and those are the little guys that boost your immunity to so much shit out there.  A recent New York Times story revealed the proof how just like our guts need good bacteria to fight off the flu, so does our skin.  The bacteria on your skin act like coaches for each of your skin’s individual cells on how to make their own antibiotics.

4. DEAD SKIN CELLS ACT LIKE A SHIELD AGAINST TOXINS: All those oils and dead cells that hang out on your body act together as protection from bad bacteria and they make it much harder for toxins and nasty chemicals to get inside of you.  And not only that, most soaps on the market are full of garbage you don’t want anywhere near your body, let alone the one organ that is most susceptible to them. So when using a soap, get the most chemical free one you can find (Dr. Bronner’s is great).

5. IT REDUCES ECZEMA, ROSACEA, AND OTHER IRRITATIONS: The first thing that people who get skin rashes and other irritations will tell you is how irritating a hot shower can be.  Many of them have allergies to “sensitizers” in shampoos and soaps.  So clean out the toxic goop in your bathroom and get some healthier products in there.

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