Inspired By Chance And Coincidence, Photographer Ben Sandler Explores The Realm Between The Real And The Unreal

by • April 21, 2011 • Art, PhotographyComments (0)3191

I really take great pains in choosing which artists I profile on FEELguide.  First off, I have my main sources which have taken me years to refine, which in and of itself is already a sort of pre-selection screening.  Then from all those sources I eliminate the ones that I predict will go viral, and the ones that remain I will put through another set of FEELguide filters until I’m happy with my choice. The work of Ben Sandler passed through all my criteria quite easily with his stunning photographic compositions that are dripping in a surreal mixture that’s part Gregory Crewdson and part original Star Trek. Sandler is an Israeli-American photographer with a Philosophy degree as well as a degree in Photography and he’s based out of Paris.  His website features several other equally outstanding series, but this one entitled “In Somnium” is so gorgeous I had to share.  To see more of Ben’s work be sure to visit his website at

Source: Fubiz

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