From what I can tell, Florian Licht is a Berlin-based student, theorist, and artist who is supremely talented at seemingly anything he tries to do (this includes his talent for making most of us appear seemingly much less talented than he is). For his newest installation, BBASS, Licht transformed a corbeled dome and its rotunda into an oeuvre of light, sound, and shifts in perception.  As gorgeous as the video below is, I can only imagine how much more impressive it most certainly is to be there in person.  Lightmapping artistry is exploding at such an accelerated pace it almost makes my head spin — in a good way.  And Florian is helping to raise the bar even higher for this fresh new medium.  Take a look at BBASS in action in the video below, and be sure to also check out more of Florian’s videos on his Vimeo channel and also visit his website.

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Source: Triangulation via NOTCOT


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