Lately I’ve been noticing some really sophisticated work in the realm of shadow play.  One of the most interesting collections of shadow play designs I’ve seen was a couple months back in an Architonic article, and you can link to that article at the bottom of this post.  Included in the group of artists profiled in that piece was Drzach & Suchy, a design team out of Switzerland.  Drzach is a Basel-based architect, and Suchy is a cryptographer and software engineer out of Zurich, and together they’re coming up with some amazing examples showcasing the hidden potential of light and shade that is now being unlocked with new technology.  Their latest offering is less architecture-related and more oriented towards religious symbolism.  “Thru Religion” is a white cube designed with 3D programming and built with 3D printing technology.  When held up to the light at various angles, each of the Big Three religions is revealed (see video below).  Another experiment from their Relativity series is called “Marilyn” and its shadows reveal the portraits of either Marilyn Manson or Marilyn Monroe, depending on the light’s angle.  You can check out this video below as well. To learn more about this team you can visit their website at And be sure to also check out my previous post showcasing the work of Drzach & Suchy and other high concept shadow artists HERE.

Source: Today And Tomorrow


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