The Luna Table By Manutti

by • April 7, 2011 • Industrial And Product DesignComments (0)4377

I just discovered this brilliant outdoor table by Manutti.  Called The Luna, the table can seat 12 people comfortably, the highlight being the LED lighting strips inlaid within each leg.  As most of my friends can testify, I am a sucker for ambient lighting.  I recently hosted a dinner party and was running so late I actually had my phone in my hand to start texting people not to come for another hour.  But I hung in there and managed to pull it off.  Even though people were seconds from showing up and I hadn’t prepped one piece of food, my brain’s number one priority were the tea lights.  With a table like this all I would have to do is flip a switch and my life would be so much easier.  To get more deets on The Luna head over to Manutti.

Source: Trendir

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