SOGLITTER Magazine’s “Easy Rider” Editorial Featuring Jaymes Triglone

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I definitely have a love affair with men’s style magazines.  They have a great effect on me in the sense that after I gloss through the pages of publications of this sort I usually find myself ironing my dress shirts or buffing my shoes.  The other day my laundry was a disgusting pile of mess so I found myself going to a meeting (with a client where casual is the norm) in a crisp burgundy dress shirt with my finest grey dress slacks and slick boots, belt, and dress coat.  Not only did I notice a difference in the atmosphere it created around me at the office, but even small things like going to the grocery store afterwards revealed subtle changes in how people perceive me.  Whether or not this is projected outwards from the fashion and reflected back to me through the eyes and reactions of others, or if it’s an “inner” experience (i.e. my own boosted sense of confidence) I can’t be sure.  All I know is I’ve decided to renew my commitment to style this summer, and plan on leaving my home looking my best as often as humanly possible.  So editorials such as SOGLITTER magazine’s latest “Easy Rider” offering adds more fuel to my GQ-esque convictions.  Shot by Karel Losenicky with styling by Alessandra Macrì and grooming by Mary Cesardi, the spread features model Jaymes Triglone (represented by ).  To see more great pics from the series just head on over to OHLALAmag, the best source for all your men’s style needs and inspiration.

Source: OHLALAmag

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