Princeton, NJ producer and ’80s nostalgia maker Com Truise produces a fully-formed, fully formidable take on what people have resorted to calling chillwave, at a time when people are resolving to avoid any new artists that make anything resembling chillwave. True, we have enough. Though you have to make room for something if it transcends the tics, which is what Seth Haley (Com’s name proper) does, with his love of ’80s brass, hypnagogic haze and the soothing balm of hissing synths and luxuriously funky bass lines. Think Washed Out crossed with Neon Indian, if you haven’t thought about those dudes enough. His next offering comes in the form of track #10 on the 15-track TRON: Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D remix album.  Take a listen below to the track he previewed today, and then check out “Sundriped”, one of my old time faves. You can also visit his website which has links to all his social networks at To purchase your own copy of TRON: Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D (including other tracks by Moby, The Crystal Method, and Photek) head over to Amazon.

Source: Stereogum


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