Barnaba Fornasetti’s “Armistizio” Collection Opens At The 2011 Milan Design Week

by • March 31, 2011 • Art, DesignComments (0)2485

The 2011 Milan Design Week seems like a damn cool place to be right now.  I’ve been reading nothing but great things coming out of this year’s edition, and the work of Barnaba Fornasetti is certainly no exception. Barnaba is the son of the late Piero Fornasetti, and the Fornasetti showroom is currently presenting Barnaba’s Armistizio show (Italian for “armistice”).  The series of furniture pieces are inspired by renaissance engravings of armor, mêlée weapons, and antique illustrations of firearms. Old archival drawings like the “Spade e Fucili” and “Pugnali e Pistole”, which were used to embellish a range of objects, are revisited by Barnaba and incorporated into his designs in an exciting, fresh new way for his Armistizio show.  Dear Mr. Fornasetti: could you please deliver this table to my address with a big red bow on it?  Deep down I think you realize that it was destined for my home and that it rightfully belongs to me. Thank you for understanding.Source: Design Boom

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